Bohemian Grove


Bohemian Grove began in York, UK, in late 2013 when the six members of the band, each experienced from consistently playing in various other groups, decided to realize their plans to start a new project.

Their first EP was already practically written and within a few weeks Spencer, who had previously been the vocalist for UK metalcore band 'With One Last Breath', recorded vocals for four tracks and 'Eternal Ruin' was released to a hugely positive reception.

Bohemian Grove went on to amass a dedicated following;regularly playings venues across the north of England and the rest of the UK before quickly starting work on their follow up release to 'Eternal Ruin'. In September 2014 the band put out their second EP, 'Silence of Decay', which explored the boundaries of the genre even more and refined the band's crushing sound.

Since then then band went on to generate a reputation for intense live performances and play countless shows across the country with some of the biggest up-and-coming names in the UK metal scene.

2016 has seen Bohemian Grove sign to DuckPhone Records and Scarim Management under the guidance of the hugely talented Gino Scarim. They have just returned from a UK tour with Silent Screams (Artery Recordings), released a music video for their latest single, ‘Demons’ and are now busy in the studio putting together their next release.

Bohemian Grove’s debut full-length record ‘Hollow’ will be released through DuckPhone Records later this year.


Manager: Gino Scarim /

Booking in the UK/EU: Imperial Music / 


Label: DuckPhone Records